NOVA presents the MENTOR 5 light (EN/LTF-B) (Embargo: September 1st, 2017)

Flying Freedom

NOVA introduces the MENTOR 5 light – the lightweight version of the popular MENTOR 5. The light weighs approximately 25 % less than the standard version. Size XXS weighs 3.35 kg, size M weighs 4.05 kg. Another of the wing’s attributes is the markedly reduced packing volume. Still, the MENTOR 5 light remains completely suitable for everyday use. NOVA sees this wing as an all-round glider that delivers the freedom to practise almost any paragliding discipline. It is great for cruising around local sites, paragliding trips, hike & fly, vol-biv and, of course, ambitious cross-country flights.

The MENTOR 5 light inherited all the positive characteristics of its “normal” weight brother. Glide performance at the peak of the EN B class, excellent climb rate in thermals, well-balanced handling, great comfort providing a relaxed feeling during flight as well as a high degree of passive safety for its classification (aspect ratio only 5.4). The MENTOR 5 has become an extremely successful cross-country wing and NOVA is more than happy about its popularity

The MENTOR 5 light has inherited all the advantages of the standard version but each size weighs more than 25% less and packs much smaller. Other differences between the “normal” and the light version:

  • Like all lightweight wings, the collapse and recovery characteristics are a little more dynamic.
  • The wing is easier to inflate and take off.
  • Experienced pilots will sense slightly more feedback from the canopy.

Suitable for everyday flying and fully guaranteed

NOVA deliberately does not design its lightweight wings by pushing the limits of what is possible. Apart from the gallery lines, all lines are sheathed. The risers are not “spaghetti-straps”, but are conventional, though aerodynamically slim risers with split A’s. For years, a sensible compromise between durability and lightweight cloth has proved itself totally reliable

NOVA therefore also provides a 3-year-guarantee for the MENTOR 5 light. Additionally, it is like all NOVA-wings covered by the NOVA Protect warranty during the first year.

All-rounder – versatility is king

Company CEO Christian Wehrfritz explains: “The MENTOR 5 light offers pilots maximum freedom. It is suitable for nearly all disciplines in paragliding. From soaring at local hill, pleasant hike & fly tours in the autumn to competitions like the Bordairrace and of course vol-biv and cross-country flights.”

NOVA places great importance on the usability of the wing’s performance. Chief designer Philipp Medicus: “Due to the balanced handling and flying comfort, the MENTOR 5 light offers a relaxed flying feeling. It is perfectly suited for experienced pilots who want to step up from the low-end EN B class.”

The MENTOR 5 light is certified in all 4 sizes (all-up weight 55 to 110 kg) and will be available from the beginning of September.

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NOVA is an innovative and reputable paragliding company, whose highest concerns are quality, safety and the enjoyment of flight. NOVA pilot target groups span from beginners, intermediate to ambitious cross-country and competition pilots. NOVA owns a production plant in Hungary, which complies with high European social and environmental standards. The company has a worldwide distribution network. The company was founded in 1989. It has a healthy equity base and is one of the market leaders in paragliding.

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