NOVA: EN-C Cross-country Paraglider NOVA SECTOR

Low Aspect Ratio – High Performance

With the SECTOR, NOVA is introducing a new XC wing to the sports class. The Austrian company have transferred the successful MENTOR concept to the EN/LTF C class and have coupled this with sports class handling. The result: in comparison to other gliders in its class, a low aspect ratio (5.92), a very high degree of actually usable performance combined with precise handling and short brake travel. A wing to munch the XC miles.

Facts: the SECTOR is a genuine three-liner with 67 cells and a flat aspect ratio of 5.92. Diagonal Tape Ribs and Needle Eye Ribs (as used on the PHANTOM) create a light wing with excellent shape retention. Thanks to the clever suspension design and the minimalist Low Drag Brake, the SECTOR requires fewer line meters – only 263 m for size M. The wing is fitted with technologies for performance: Mini-ribs on the trailing edge, Air Scoop and Double 3D Shaping. The only thing NOVA decided not to include: long rods. The kink resistant polyamide rods in the leading edge are short, meaning the SECTOR can be packed without a concertina bag. This chimes with NOVA’s motto: “Keep paragliding simple“.

Performance: NOVA never publishes absolute figures. Instead, they compare new wings with established ones. Our internal comparative flights with the MENTOR 5 showed 0.7 to 0.8 better glide points – with a very flat polar curve and high top-speed. The real advantage (like the MENTOR,) is the actually usable performance on good XC days with strong thermals. Thanks to its confidence inspiring flying characteristics and rock solidness at full speed, whilst having a very flat polar curve, the SECTOR comes into its own when the XC conditions really get going.

In flight: The SECTOR has a very compact canopy and it feels “solid in the air”. The brake travel is short with moderate brake pressure. Brake inputs are converted directly and precisely. The climbing characteristics in thermals is one of the wing’s main strengths. Whether you are screaming up a core or trying to work weak lift so as not to go down, the SECTOR turns well at any bank or radius. In a thermal the wing seems to be drawn into the core automatically.

Peter Gebhard, X-Alps finisher (Ranked 5th, 2013) and former PWC-pilot, describes the flying characteristics as “uncomplicated, responsive and confidence inspiring – even at full speed.”

Pilot target group: in terms of the technical data, the SECTOR is nearly exactly positioned between the MENTOR and the TRITON (aspect ratio 5.4 and 6.4 respectively). The same applies to the pilot target group. It is aimed at improving pilots who have mastered their MENTOR or other high-end EN B wing. Pilots who already fly an EN C or D wing and who would like a paraglider with precise handling, high performance and a large degree of passive safety for this class, will love the SECTOR. NOVA does make it clear that as an EN C wing with short brake travel and high performance, it should be flown by experienced pilots.

Another big plus is the smart lightweight construction. Although all load-bearing fabrics are Skytex 32, the wing only weighs 4.4 kg (size M). This makes it absolutely suitable for hike & fly and vol biv.

The SECTOR will be available for demo flights from February 2018.

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    • Certification: EN/LTF C
    • Three-liner with 67 cells
    • Flat aspect ratio: 92
    • Sizes: XS, SM, M and L
    • Projected area: 31 / 21.31 / 23.32 / 25.32 m2
    • Weight: 80 / 4.10 / 4.40 / 4.70 kg – weight-optimized
    • All-up weight: 70-90 / 80-100 / 90-110 / 100-120 kg
    • Cloth: Skytex 27 C1 (undersurface) and Skytex 32 (upper surface, leading edge, diagonals and suspended ribs)
    • NOVA Moderate Aspect Ratio: 92 – compara­tively low aspect ratio for increased safety
    • NOVA Diagonal Tape Ribs: weight and stress optimised diagonals
    • NOVA Needle Eye-Ribs: diagonal suspension points which cross two cells through slots in the cell wall
    • NOVA Low Drag Brake: performance optimised brake
    • NOVA Double 3D-Shaping: fewer creases during ballooning
    • NOVA Air Scoop: optimised air intake that increased the internal pressure
    • NOVA Easy Packing: concertina bag is not necessary
NOVA is an innovative and reputable paragliding company, whose highest concerns are quality, safety and the enjoyment of flight. NOVA pilot target groups span from beginners, intermediate to ambitious cross-country and competition pilots. NOVA owns a production plant in Hungary, which complies with high European social and environmental standards. The company has a worldwide distribution network. The company was founded in 1989. It has a healthy equity base and is one of the market leaders in paragliding.

NOVA Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
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