Due to the Corona crisis, KGK will cease operations on 31 July 2020. 

Here is the contact for further enquiries from the media, bloggers and influencers: jannik.wnhre@tertbelcnpxf.pbz

Founded in 1977 by Wayne Gregory, Gregory Mountain Products has been a long-time leader in expedition packs, trekking packs, day packs and travel gear.

World renowned for setting durability, comfort and performance standards in all their products, Gregory has won numerous awards for its pack designs from leading international outdoor and mountaineering magazines. Responsible for many industry firsts in pack fit and design, the Gregory research and design team continues to lead the way in innovative backpack technology and performance. Gregory Mountain Products is an independent subsidiary of the Samsonite Group.

KGK has been working for Gregory since 2016 and covers the German speaking as well as other selected European markets.

Account Manager
Thomas Röger
+49 (0)89 – 30 76 66-55