We are a small team by choice

We believe in flat hierarchies, self-responsibility, team-efficiency and creativity.

Susanne Kern
Clients: ARC’TERYX and EXPED
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Till Gottbrath
Clients: NOVA  and FIBERTEC
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Denis Dietrich
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Josefine Hille
Clients: EAGLE CREEK, GSI Outdoors, PRANA, and TILLEY
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Thomas Röger
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Sara Bassano
Clients: CRAFT and evil eye
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Shannon Korff
Clients: HELINOX
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Our agency works as a team. We see this as really important. For us, open communication is crucial. Every member of our team shares responsibility and knows what their team members are working on. We are flexible and team members can easily help out colleagues when needed. Every day we cook and have lunch together at the office. Actively sharing our passion for sport and the outdoors is also part of our team-life. We often get together to run, go bouldering, meet out for food, or for other activities.

We believe in long-term collective success. Working at KGK is like being a member of a sports team. An exceptional athlete might score the crucial goal, but long-term success is built on teamwork.

Because our team is important we would like to introduce each member individually.