Due to the Corona crisis, KGK will cease operations on 31 July 2020. 

Here is the contact for further enquiries from the media, bloggers and influencers: cerffr@pensg.qr

Since 1977, CRAFT stands for functional clothing made for passionate sports people. Founded in the Swedish town of Borås and with its headquarters still there, the brand developed a reputation as the pioneer of functional baselayers in the early years. Today, CRAFT is one of the world’s leading brands for technical sports apparel for biking, running, cross-country skiing and team sports.

CRAFT’s expertise in designing sport-specific garments with optimal functionality comes largely from a long and fruitful collaboration with elite athletes across the globe. CRAFT is owned by the listed Swedish New Wave Group. Its products are distributed worldwide.

Together CRAFT and KGK look back on a long history. CRAFT was one of KGK’s first clients back in 1999. Apart from a short break in 2014, KGK has been working for CRAFT, covering the German speaking markets, ever since.

Account Manager
Sara Bassano
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