About us

Kern Gottbrath Kommunikation is a public relations and communications agency with special focus on sports, cycling, outdoors and performance textiles.

  • Competence: Brand and product communications is what we do. In addition to our expertise with text and images, we also have a deep understanding of our markets and the industry, including its changing media landscape.
  • Experience: Since 1999, we have successfully worked and provided consulting for various sports and outdoor brands. We specialize in communication and brand development: i.e. Public Relations, social media, corporate publishing and editing.
  • Specialization: We focus on areas that we know and love – sports, outdoor recreation, cycling and performance textiles. Our expertise in these fields allows us to support our clients efficiently. Journalists appreciate that we give them exactly the information they need. We are proud of our many years of collective experience and knowledge.

  • Passion: All members of the Kern Gottbrath Kommunikation team share a common interest in outdoor recreation and sports. We are passionate about the industry we work in.
  • Expertise: One of our key strengths is that we are actually part of our own target group. This gives us access to inside knowledge from both sides. To communicate successfully, we feel you need to really know the products, the market and its players.
  • Strong brands: Kern Gottbrath Kommunikation knows how to build a strong brand. We believe powerful brands create consumer trust and sustainable success.
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