Due to the Corona crisis, KGK will cease operations on 31 July 2020. 

Here is the contact for further enquiries from the media, bloggers and influencers: cerhebcr@uryvabk.pbz

Since 2010 Helinox is successfully developing and producing lightweight, foldable and comfortable chairs, tables, beds and trekking poles. Helinox chairs significantly differ from any other travel-friendly chairs: They are lighter, smaller in packing size, more comfortable and more aesthetic.

Following the motto “Bring comfort for everyone, everywhere!,” Helinox combines style and modernity with unique technical expertise. The company distributes worldwide and is a spin-off of DAC Poles, the leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminium tent poles regarding technology and sales.

Helinox, originally from South Korea, is privately owned and distributes worldwide. The European head office is in Amsterdam with central warehousing in Rotterdam.

KGK has been working for Helinox since 2017 and covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Account Manager
Shannon Korff
+49 (0)89 – 30 76 66-41