Austrian brand NOVA was founded in 1989 in Terfens (Tyrol). As a highly innovative paraglider manufacturer, NOVA’s target group ranges from beginners to leisure-time cruisers and ambitious cross-country pilots. Designed for users who want a safe, long-lasting, and high-performing wing with responsive handling. NOVA is one of the most respected paragliding brands, running their own production in Hungary fulfilling the highest environmental and social standards. NOVA is also among the market leaders, both in terms of technology and sales figures.

KGK has been working for NOVA since 2003 and is responsible for the brand’s international public relations. KGK is also responsible for editing NOVA’s newsletter. Being a passionate pilot himself, Till Gottbrath is also head of the NOVA Pilots Team.

Account Manager
Till Gottbrath
+49 (0)89 – 30 76 66-48