Since 1980 Canadian company Tilley has been commitment to crafting products of the highest quality. Durability, Innovation and performance are at the root of what Tilley believes in, products made with integrity that you can be proud to wear.

It takes 23 pairs of hands to make a Tilley hat, a precise and practiced process. From the time the founder decided to oversee the creation of the ideal hat that could do everything her needed- stay on wind, be unsinkable, last indefinitely, protect from all weather and still look attractive. Since then, the Tilley hat has been worn by ever-increasing numbers of adventurers, sailors, travellers and outdoor enthusiasts who praise its durability, versatility and natural elegance. The only hat to come with a lifetime guarantee the Tilley hat has become an international symbol of quality and durability.

KGK has been working for Tilley since 2005.

Account Manager
Josefine Hille
+49 (0)89 – 30 76 66-42