The legend of Tilley Endurables was born in 1980 when Alex Tilley, a Toronto art consultant, designed and manufactured the first Tilley Hat. He was determined to sacrifice neither practicality nor style in the pursuit of the best casual hat money could buy.

Since then the Tilley Hat has been worn by ever-increasing numbers of adventurers, sailors, travellers and outdoor enthusiasts who praise its durability, versatility and natural elegance. The only hat to come with a lifetime guarantee and a 4-page owner’s manual (available in 7 languages), the Tilley Hat has become an international symbol of quality and durability.

Tilly Endurables, Inc. is a Canadian brand located in Toronto. All products are “made in Canada”.

KGK has been working for Tilley since 2005.

Account Manager
Josefine Hille
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