Shannon Korff

Born in 1996

Originally from Biberach an der Riß, Shannon has studied International Media Management in Karlsruhe. Due to an inspiring internship at KGK during her study program, she works now for KGK as a trainee.

Shannon discovered her passion for mountains, snow and skiing at an early age. At first she was part of a racing team and now she prefers to work as a ski instructor in the Austrian Alps. Despite her preference for skiing, she occasionally unpacks her cross-country skis and snowboard. In summer, she also spends her time hiking, cycling and climbing in the mountains.

If it’s not the mountains, Shannon is drawn into the distance: Africa, New Zealand, Australia and America have already been admired by her, but there are still many destinations on her bucket list. Often new sports are discovered simultaneously with new countries: kayaking, bungee, diving, snorkeling, paddling, surfing, etc. but also here the to-do list is quite long.

At KGK she is responsible for Helinox and takes care of  Social Media.

Contact: +49 (0)89 – 30 76 66-41, xbess@X-T-X.pbz

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