Since we started out in 1999, we have always had ideals and a distinct vision that leads us to do things differently.

  • KGK sees long-term business relationships as more important than short-term profits. As a result, we are proud that many of our customers have been with us for years.
  • KGK aims to create a work environment where our team members enjoy their work.
  • We pursue quality in everything we do. For the sake of our clients, the (media) consumer and journalists.
  • We pay fair wages. We believe that our staff perform best if they have a balanced workload and realistic objectives. Flexibility is important to us; we want our staff to have free time for themselves and their outdoor activities.
  • At KGK, we encourage an open working environment.
  • We focus on technical and high-quality products from premium brands.
  • KGK practices transparency in the workplace. We feel this fosters trust between our team members, media and business partners. And we always maintain a clear division between PR and editorial.
  • We focus on delivering consistent high quality and performance rather than short-term success. We offer our services at fair prices and our fees are based on recommendations by independent industry associations.
  • We have our feet firmly on the ground. We don’t do marketing hyperbole. We prefer to provide convincing arguments based on the facts.
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