Jobs and internships – KGK is different

Job ads often tell you how amazing, open-minded and team-spirited a company is and what great prospects you’ll have for advancement, etc. The same applies to us.

However, if you are familiar with the daily business of working in a communication agency, you might know that many expect 24/7 availability and overload their employees, resulting in burnouts and high turnover. We don’t want this.

  • We are convinced that, on a long-term basis, it is smarter to treat employees in a way that allows them to work happily for a long time – rather than pushing them to their limits.
  • On days off, vacation etc. we want KGK employees to have real time off. Only when they are back at work do we expect commitment and dedication.
  • We trust our employees and give them responsibility.
  • The shower in our office is in daily use: some of our staff commute by bike or run to the office daily.
  • We don’t have an attendance recorder. Control is good, trust is better.

Click here for more information about what we expect from our employees.

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