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Strong & Innovative

KMC e12 chain

Strong 12-Speed e-Bike Chain

KMC’s e12 chain is especially made for all 12-speed e-Bikes. It features all of KMC’s 12-speed chain tech – combined with an increased strength to withstand the mechanical strains of e-Bike drive trains.

The e12 features KMC’s Shield Tech, a patented new riveting technology that utilizes a reinforced pin design, significantly increasing the chain’s pin power.

The e12 also comes with an enhanced tensile strength and rigidity that absorbs the constant load generated by strong mid-motors. Furthermore, Shield Tech provides a smoother rivet surface, which lowers parasitic drag and decreases interference between the chain and cassette. Special heat treatments enhance the durability of the chain and prolong mileage.

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  • Innovative patented riveting technology
  • High torsion resistance and high tensile strength
  • Dynamic chamfer angles design
  • Compatible with Bosch and other e-Bike Drive Systems
  • 450 kgf Pin Power
  • Lasts up to three times longer than standard chains!

KMC x12 chain

Innovative 12-Speed Chain

KMC’s X12 series features an inner X-Bridge that adapts precisely to the limited gear space of 12 speed cassettes. Asymmetrical chamfering effectively avoids unwanted interference between chain and cassette teeth. By precise adjustment, X12 chains are perfectly compatible with the major 12 speed systems.

The X12 chain comes in six different versions with different coatings: the extremely sturdy Ti-N, Titanium Nitride gold coating, EPT EcoProTeQ Anti-rust coating, and the X12 Silver/Black with nickel-coated outer plates. Find out more at

  • 126 Links, 268 g
  • Compatible with 12-speed Shifting Systems from Shimano, SRAM (MTB) and Campagnolo
  • Multidirectional design

About KMC

The world-renowned and market-leading chain brand, KMC, has been dedicated to chain manufacturing since 1977.  KMC’s global sales and marketing network has integrated physical and virtual sales channels to supply compatible products manufactured with outstanding craftsmanship and increased production automation. With a focus on environmental consciousness and the cycling industry, KMC sets its eyes on the future with constant innovation.  Emphasizing sustainability, KMC is the first and only Carbon Footprint-certified chain manufacturer, and continuously works towards more eco-friendly production processes.  KMC has launched a new brand logo that uses lemniscate design to symbolize eternity and infinite possibilities.  With the claim “Link To Perfection”, KMC embraces the future with its constant pursuit of excellence.

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