NOVA introduces the MENTOR 5 (EN/LTF-B)

Accessible Performance

NOVA’s MENTOR 5 is probably one of the most important new designs of 2017 – and it is the logical progression of the master of its (standard) class. At the centre of the R&D process was “accessibility”. Of course, the MENTOR 5 comes with an improved performance (better L/D and climb) but what matters even more: its performance is much easier to use! The M5 features balanced handling with plenty of comfort and a super-relaxed feeling for its pilot – highly important ingredients to munch miles successfully and joyfully. Accessibility also matters in everyday life: NOVA keeps the low aspect ratio (5.4), most of the lines are sheathed, and the wing is easy to launch, land and pack. The Austrians do not max out the limits of EN/LTF-B on purpose – but that is exactly what makes the MENTOR 5 so suitable for XC.

Since the first generation of NOVA MENTORs, they have been the benchmark of cross-country wings in the standard class (LTF/EN-B), winning almost every online contest. The MENTORs combine impressive performance with a high degree of passive safety and enable a wide range of pilots to achieve their personal bests. For some time now, this wing category has been called the “MENTOR-class”.

Of course, making the M5 better than its predecessor was not an easy task for chief designer Philipp Medicus and his team. Fortunately, they did not deviate from the guiding principle and again position the M5 as THE “performance cross-country wing for everyone”. Why changing this?

The MENTOR 5 is a three-liner with 59 cells and a (low) aspect ratio of 5.4. Philipp Medicus promises a marked performance increase in comparison to its predecessor. A slightly reduced trim speed leads to reduced sink and less brake pressure, while the top speed remains consistently high. The handling distinguishes itself with its agility and precision. One of the MENTOR 5’s greatest strengths are its thermalling characteristics: the wing is very easy to centre in the thermal and it loves every climb.

This is great for pilots who are upgrading to the MENTOR 5: The excellent performance is easily accessible. “During the certification test manoeuvres, the MENTOR 5 was totally convincing and its balance and comfort offers relaxing sportiness,” according to Philipp Medicus.

NOVA paid particular attention to simplicity in design. A clever mixture of materials has made the wing lighter (a so-called semi-light construction – hike & fly-suitable), more manageable and durable. Apart from the gallery lines, all lines are sheathed. During pre-flight preparation, they nearly sort themselves. The launch and landing are super-simple. Phillip Medicus: ” One could describe the MENTOR 5 as an ‘intuitive’ wing. Pilots should be able to concentrate on what gives them pleasure: the flying!”

NOVA Team pilots Rinaldo Vuerich (Italy) and Lukasz Sieminski (Poland) thoroughly tested the MENTOR 5 in Kenya in January. They had various excellent flights, with Lukasz flying a 255.69 km flat triangle and Rinaldo a 239.6 km flat triangle. Rinaldo emailed NOVA afterwards: “I flew a 240km flat triangle with an average speed of almost 30 km/h. Unbelievable! This is the best MENTOR ever. I really love this wing!”


    • Certification: EN/LTF-B
    • Three-riser with 59 cells in semi-light construction
    • Flat aspect ratio:4
    • Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L
    • All-up weight: 60–80 / 70-90 / 80-100 / 90-110 / 100–130 kg
    • Canopy weight: tbm / 4.8 / 5.05 / 5.3 / 5.55 kg
    • Projected area: 49 / 20.46 / 22.44 / 24.45 / 26.46 sqm
    • Cloth: Dominico 30D (leading edge), Dominico 20D (upper and bottom sail), Porcher Skytex 40 (ribs)
    • NOVA SmartCells: performance-optimised cell widths
    • Double 3D-Shaping: fewer creases during ballooning
    • NOVA Air Scoop: optimised air intake that increased the internal pressure
    • Easy packing: a concertina bag is not necessary
    • Mini-Ribs

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